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Drone filming

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Drone filming

We offer aerial filming and photography no matter the season. Depending on the client, we adapt to your needs and offer the best solutions. We have drone filming or photography services and deliver the raw material directly to the client. There is the option of the drone filming session can be integrated in a complex video material.

The standard price for a drone shot at a location including up to 40 minutes of flight and a maximum of 128 GB of raw video is 150 euros. The price may be lower or higher depending on the complexity of filming.


The DJI Inspire 2 is a truly revolutionary machine, allowing 5.2k filming with interchangeable lenses in a drone system that weighs under 4kg. The Inspire has a host of amazing features including RAW & Pro-res filming, plus high-speed and slow-motion. Prior to the DJI Inspire 2 this level of filming was only possible with far heavier, less flexible drone systems.

We have 2 cameras available for Inspire 2: X4s and X5s. One is a 4K camera and one is a X5S camera with a 5.2 K sensor which offers a superior quality of the image.

Inspire 2 flights

Criu Video Production last drone flights
30th Ian 2020

Grigorescu residential complex

We made a series of aerial images from the drone for a group of architects and construction designers.

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23th Mar 2020

Mountain Hen, Mihăiești

Geological formation located in the village of Mihăiești. less than 15 minutes away from our office is a nature reserve little known to the general public. It is very similar to the Rapa Rosie reservation in Alba county.

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20th Iun 2020

A3 Highway

A night shooting with a drone with a long exposure time. X5s lens, 30m altitude approximately.

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